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Fuck Yeah Josh Ritter

Sunday March 11, 2014
It’s 4AM. The bus that my family and I have living on, on and off, for over a year has just dropped us off at our home, and just like that we have slipped between worlds and into a new life. Now even our last show, just hours ago feels as if it was a dream.

It’s best that way. Each dream feeds the ones that come next. And now I’m home there’s plenty of time to dream up new things. Plenty of time.

I want to thank you all for this past year. It has been the happiest of my life so far and I am lucky enough to know it.

For now, I’m gonna get some sleep. I’ll wake up in a while, hang out with my family and bask in the warmth of the memories of this last year.

Then I’m gonna write like hell.

Thank you, my friends. You’ll be hearing from me!


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Final show of our Irish tour tonight - at Saint Iberius’ Church in Wexford. Was a fun tour. Was a long tour. Gonna miss the hell out of my new best friend Stephen Kellogg. Glad to be heading home.

Despite the production issues in this venue it was a really fun shoot. Josh even got down on the floor with me during Snow Is Gone. Also this old lady working at the church told us all about he new Pope being the AntiChrist and the second coming being upon us. So there’s that.

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Ireland Tour Photo Dump. More later.

That last photo I’ve decided to title: Happy Christmas (Tour Is Over)

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Josh Ritter

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Josh Ritter
Sunday November 10, 2013
Barbican Centre
London, UK
(taken during Snow Is Gone unplugged)

Took some videos tonight. Look for ‘em later.

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New 70’s horror movie-inspired video for “Evil Eye.” Some background about the video and director here.

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Josh Ritter sat down with Galway Arts Festival and filmed an interview while in Ireland last month.

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Josh Ritter covering The River at the Paradiso (submitted by catinto)

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Josh, Zack, Austin, & The Milk Carton Kids performing “Folk Bloodbath” unplugged at The Melting Point last night in Athens, GA. My camera shutter was louder than all of them put together. So glad we get to do some more shows with MCK in August. Love those dudes.

If anyone has a decent video of this, send it my way, please.

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The Beast In It’s Tracks, the latest LP from Josh Ritter, will more than likely be known as his “divorce record” forevermore. But it’s much more. In fact, it’s about getting back on your feet after a commitment comes to an end. We talk about the whole shebang backstage during the Non-Commvention 2013 in Philadelphia.

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Sup, NYC!

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Here are our posters for Boston and NYC this weekend!

The absolutely gorgeous Boston poster was designed by Nate Duval. Hand numbered and screen printed. With metallic ink!

NYC was designed and screen printed by Aesthetic Apparatus and is limited to only 100 copies.

Come & find me & snap ‘em up!

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Washington DC show poster! TWO sold out shows at the 9:30 Club! That means TWO night’s of load in pizza, free cupcakes, and one of the best crowds and venues in the whole country.

Designed & screen printed by Eric @ Doe Eyed
200 copies / hand numbered
And I’ll get Josh to sign ‘em all, too.

Come & get ‘em.

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I travel a lot - this month I was in fifteen cities in as many days. I always like to learn a little bit about the place I’m going to play - that Chicago has the fourth largest GDP of any world city, or that Louisville is famous for a sandwich known as the “Hot Brown.”

Today I was Grantham, Pennsylvania, at Messiah College, and as I was doing a little digging about the place I learned something that surprised and disappointed me.

Messiah College requires all students to sign a “Community Covenant” promising to, among other things, “avoid such sinful practices as…homosexual behavior….”

This policy, which I see as exclusionary and bigoted, could not run more counter to my personal beliefs. If I had done my homework, and read about Messiah’s policies ahead of time, I would never have agreed to play there.

I did play at Messiah College tonight, and I chose to use the opportunity to talk to the students - to encourage them to seek openness and change. I spoke honestly about my personal views - that we should all have the right to love - and to marry freely, no matter what our sexual orientation. Everyone was respectful and kind, and it is my hope that they’ll continue to demand a change to the Community Covenant.

I hope to have made the best of a difficult situation. I’m donating the fee I received from Messiah College tonight in its entirety to The Trevor Project (thetrevorproject.org), the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.

I won’t play Messiah College again - not until they welcome, in word and deed, all members of their faith regardless of sexuality, and I urge my fellow musicians to do the same.

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